We are dedicated to teaming with our customers to design and deliver comprehensive engineering solutions in an envelope of exceptional customer service.

Ethics & Integrity: First and foremost, the management of Uni-Tec strives every day to foster and maintain a culture of ethics and integrity. At Uni-Tec, we embrace the philosophy that “There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.”

Communication: Every customer is unique. Therefore, we have been trained to listen. We pride ourselves in our innovative and responsive services to meet our clients’ requirements. We articulate highly technical plans and processes in easy-to-understand language. We are committed to improving communication within our staff through our “Younitec Resource,” an internal professional development initiative.

Teamwork: Our internal Strategic Planning efforts have identified Teamwork as a critical centerpiece of our ongoing success. We continue to emphasize teambuilding with clients, while embracing a philosophy of internal teamwork to successfully achieve objectives.

Continual Growth & Improvement: At Uni-Tec, we are committed to continual growth and improvement both in our client relationships and in our internal operations. We have identified a short-list of key objectives that are important to us:
  • Grow each of our principal market areas
  • Explore alternative market areas
  • Successful transition of ownership
  • Enhance the financial security of the firm
  • Continuous improvement of product quality
  • Promote professional development for all staff